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All these services are included in your Financial Focus subscription:

DONE-FOR-YOU MONTHLY PRINT NEWSLETTER: Quick-reading, content-rich, tightly edited 4-page color newsletter. Packed with your choice of articles guaranteed to engage, interest, and build a stronger relationship with your prospects and customers. You just select the ones you want featured in your print newsletter. Use only financial planning type articles or choose more general interest articles, such as recipes, book reviews, work topics, and human interest articles. You can also add your own content from your website, blog, press releases, white papers, and other sources.

CUSTOM-WRITTEN LEAD ARTICLE FOR ONLY $50 EXTRA PER ISSUE: We can write a fresh lead article for your print newsletter each month‚ after one of our writers interviews you by phone. Only pay for this service when you use it. 

CUSTOM NEWSLETTER DESIGN: We will custom design your print newsletter template with your logo‚ contact information‚ and color photo.

PRINTED COPIES + PRINT-READY PDF: By the 15th of the month‚ you’ll receive your printed copies of the newsletter along with a high–resolution PDF that can be used for printing‚ emailing‚ or posting on your website. Or we can mail the newsletters for you!

MATCHING EMAIL NEWSLETTER FOR ONLY $30 PER MONTH: The perfect way to handle all your marketing needs is to have a print and email newsletter. We do all the work — you just import your email list and hit send!

COMPLIANCE CONCERNS HANDLED: Every issue of Financial Focus is reviewed by FINRA. Plus, we can send the newsletter to your compliance department for review before printing your newsletter.

OUR IRON-CLAD, RISK-FREE GUARANTEE: Try our print newsletter service for 3 months. If you aren’t completely happy with the service after 3 months, we will refund every penny you spent on the newsletter, no questions asked!

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Why You Need a Print Newsletter NOW!

What's Wrong with Email Newsletters?

You may be thinking to yourself: “I have an email newsletter, why do I need a print newsletter? Plus, email newsletters are so cheap to produce compared to print newsletters.” But hold on, they only seem cheap because you aren’t considering some really important factors:  

  • Open rates for email newsletters are pretty dismal. Check out your email open rates. We’re guessing they range from approximately 0.5% to 22% of your email list. That means anywhere from 78% to 99.5% of your clients and prospects don’t even see your email newsletter! Print newsletters, on the other hand, have almost a 100% open rate. People just don’t receive the amount of mail they used to in the past, so the mail they do receive gets extra special attention! 98% of Americans bring in their mail every day it’s delivered, and 77% sort their mail each day.
  • Email newsletters have no staying power. Open rates for email newsletters drop to almost nothing after the first hour or so after delivery. That means that if your client or prospect doesn’t open the email immediately, the odds are the email newsletter won’t get opened at all. Print newsletters, however, can be put aside to be read another day. 
  • People don’t connect with digital publications. Study after study reveals that people prefer good old-fashioned print to reading a publication digitally. A staggering 80% of people prefer paper to digital reading, with 88% indicating they were able to process, retain, or use printed information better. 
  • The returns on email marketing just don’t cut it. Direct mail’s average response rate, including newsletters, is 3.7% compared to just 0.1% for both social media and email marketing. Remarkably, a whopping 70% of consumers report connecting with a business they had lost touch with after receiving direct mail.  

Don’t confuse the dismal results of your email newsletter with the potential results of a print newsletter. They are so different that we are really talking about two different marketing tools.  

The Benefits of Print Newsletters

You may be wondering: “Why do I need a newsletter at all?”  

There are some pretty significant benefits to a print newsletter:  

  • Your print newsletter gets seen immediately and doesn’t run the risk of getting spammed or deleted. 
  • Your print newsletter faces much less competition than an email newsletter. Nowadays, people get far more emails than physical mail and pay more attention to their physical mail. 
  • You maintain consistent contact with your existing clients and prospects. (Don’t forget, for every month you don’t stay in contact, you lose 10% of your clients.)
  • You enhance your reputation as an expert in your field.
  • You stand out from your competition — those who aren’t taking the time or making the effort to stay in contact with clients and prospects.
  • You give a professional voice to you and your business.
  • You build credibility and trust with your clients and prospects.
  • You offer something of value to your readers are no cost to them.
  • You drive brand awareness in a subtle, yet memorable way.
  • You provide an interesting physical piece that can be passed on to new potential clients.
  • You impress, engage, and delight your current and potential clients.
  • Your newsletter can drive referrals.  

You Save a LOT with Our Newsletter Service

You might be wondering: “If newsletters are so effective, why don’t more businesses use them?”  

The simple answer — print newsletters are a lot of work. Let’s take a look at all the components involved in putting together your newsletter, along with the costs:  

Brainstorming — If your goal is to provide readers with a variety of interesting, beneficial, and entertaining articles, developing ideas for these topics takes time. And you’ll need to consider the fact that you probably have a wide range of ages and interests to appeal to. You may need a professional editor or writer to come up with appropriate topics. The going rate? $30 to $100 per hour. Minimal brainstorming cost: $60 to $200 minimum or A LOT of your own spare time.  

Writing — How long will it take you to draft a 500-word general interest article or business spotlight? You might be surprised. First you need to research the topic, then write, then revise and edit. Then you need to multiply that by five or six, since you’ll probably need five or six articles for the average four-page newsletter. Count on at least 12 hours to write six articles. A freelancer might charge $360 to $1,200 for those six articles.  

Proofreading — Depending on the quality of your writer, you may want to hire a proofreader to ensure that your articles are free of embarrassing mistakes. Hiring a freelance editor for basic copyediting will cost approximately $30-$40 per hour.  

Designing — Now that the articles are written, it’s time to insert those articles into your newsletter design. But this isn’t quite as easy as it looks. And don’t forget pictures. Articles with images get over 90% more attention than those without. Cost per image is approximately $5-$20. Freelance graphic designers cost $25 to $300 per hour. At a minimum, expect $100 for design and $30 to $180 for royalty-free images.  

If you’ve been adding up the costs, you probably see that doing this on your own can cost anywhere from $550 to $1,700 per month for a finished newsletter — and that doesn’t include the cost of printing or mailing your newsletter. Ouch.  

But don’t despair. With our newsletters, depending on the number of copies you order, it will only cost you from $0.70 to $1.50 per copy (depending on the number of copies ordered) to get a professional newsletter with your information on it, printed and ready to go.  

Don't Take Our Word for It — Listen to Other Marketing Professionals

Still not convinced you need a print newsletter for your business? We get it. After all, we offer a print newsletter service, so our views on the subject may seem pretty biased.  

So let’s allow other really smart marketing experts convince you of why you need a print newsletter:  

“A newsletter proves your expertise. A newsletter also makes a dandy direct mail piece, a perfect medium for keeping in constant contact with your customers and prospects, a dynamic tool for attracting new business, a stepping-stone to speaking invitations at events that can result in new business, and an impetus to write a book that would further underscore your genius while contributing to your cash flow. Newsletters allow you to hear from and answer your customers. They allow you to strengthen the bond between you and the people even vaguely interested in you.” Jay Conrad Levinson, Guerilla Marketing Weapons  

“One of the forms of media most vociferously pronounced dead is the printed and mailed customer newsletter. But they’re dead wrong. Their opinions — and that’s all they are — are ignorant and dangerous. Print newsletters arriving by mail, opened, physically handled, read, clipped from, saved, and shared have positive effects that cannot be replicated online.  

“First, customers recognize and appreciate the fact that you're investing real money in communicating with them, providing information and entertainment, and expressing appreciation for them. This engages reciprocity.  

“Second, consumers place a higher value on printed publications. One 2014 survey conducted by a major newsletter publisher found that more than 80 percent of respondents indicate they always read the print newsletters and magazines they subscribe to or receive free, regularly, from businesses they have relationships with. Those same respondents said they read ezines, blogs, and other digital media included in paid subscriptions only about 20 percent of the time. That’s a 400 percent differential. You can’t win if your output never gets read. Frankly, a whole lot of online communication is killed with the delete button and has no value placed on it whatsoever.  

“Third, print newsletters have a much longer shelf life. It’s very common for me to hear from somebody just getting around to reading one of my newsletters sent months ago or even after re-visiting an issue from years ago, then asking about products or services. How often do you think somebody settles into their comfy chair for an evening and reads email or blog posts from months ago?  

“Fourth, print newsletters are a great place to profile, feature, showcase and give recognition to customers, clients, or patients. It’s meaningful to people to see themselves in print. I get a lot of thank-yous from my clients when I dispense atta-boys and recognition to them in newsletters.” Dan S. Kennedy and Kim Walsh-Phillips, No B.S. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing  

“Of all the self-promotion tools, few are as potentially effective — and often misused — as newsletters. In reality, a newsletter is a special communication vehicle that allows you to talk to your customers on a consistent basis in ways that you can’t achieve through advertising, brochures, direct mail, cold calls, or office visits. A good newsletter can become a key customer cultivation tool because it: 1. Establishes your expertise. The more customers and prospects see your company as a source of expertise, the greater the chance you will become the vendor of choice. 2. Maintains ongoing communication. The monthly newsletter places you squarely in the customer’s mind at regular, scheduled intervals. 3. Provides a means for informing customers, over a period of time, about all your products and capabilities. 4. Gives you a competitive edge over companies that merely see themselves as a pipeline for passing along goods and services to customers. If you take the time and effort to produce a high-quality product, it tells the world you’re a high-quality company.” John R. Graham, Magnet Marketing  

“The underlying reasons for using a newsletter principally as a tool for marketing professional services is simple: It is difficult to market professional services…to market your services effectively you must turn to marketing methods that aid prospective clients in developing faith in you — in your integrity and professionalism, as well as in your technical skills and good judgment.” Herman R. Holtz, The Consultant’s Guide to Newsletter Profits  

“A large part of your newsletter’s promotional value is not the quality of the articles but the cumulative effect of planting your organization’s name into your prospect’s brain, time and again.” Elaine Floyd, Marketing with Newsletters  

With all of these marketing experts telling you how great print newsletters are, don’t you think you should get started right away?

Don't Take Our Word for It — Listen to Our Clients

Still not convinced that Integrated Concepts Group is the company you should use? We get it. You want some evidence that other people like our service.  

So let’s allow our clients to do the talking for us:  

“We mail our print newsletter out to our clients as a way to maintain contact with them on a monthly basis. We want to inform our clients…provide education so they can make informed decisions. The newsletter reinforces our image as information providers who are on top of things and helps to instill confidence in our customer base. We also like the flexibility to put in our own articles‚ which helps to personalize it even more.” PS‚ Greendale‚ WI  

“I’ve already recommended your print newsletter service to others. I always get business from it‚ or people thank me for staying in touch. It’s great – and cheap – goodwill.” MH‚ Mitchell Field‚ NY  

“You have an excellent newsletter. The flexibility is extraordinary and the service is outstanding.” CB, St. Louis, MO  

“I find your newsletter to be the single most important sales material I have. Very effective!” JB, Abilene, TC  

“Great medium for dripping on prospects and staying in touch with clients. Great referral vehicle — clients pass on to friends. You make the process very simple.” WD, Albany, NY  

“Service is great, one of the best marketing pieces I’ve ever used! As far as I’m concerned, you have our business for life.” AG, Strasburg, VA  

“I have had positive response from every issue I have mailed. This is a great, inexpensive way to keep in contact.” DH, Toledo, OH  

“I picked up my biggest client from mailing your newsletter.” JP, Boston, MA  

“This is the easiest company I have ever had the pleasure dealing with. An excellent, hassle free, experience.” WH, Rhode Island  

“Several of my clients have called and told me how much they enjoy the newsletter. They read it from beginning to end. In this day of fierce competition, service is so important. This is one of the ways that I give good service to my clients.” MRS, Sarasota, FL  

“I have received numerous compliments on my (your) newsletter. Your flexibility in content, articles, issues, newsletter design, etc. is amazing. If people are taking time to write their own newsletter, they are wasting their time.” MW, Schenectady, NY  

“I have been very pleased with the quality of my newsletter. I’ve had very positive response from my clients and associates. They all think I did it all myself — the true test of a personalized newsletter!” CF, Issaqua, WA  

“Great newsletter! Your people have been most helpful with layout, articles, and general information. The reaction of our clients has been very favorable and they appreciate the extra service.” DH, Chicago, IL  

“I get paid to sell, not write newsletters. At my hourly rate, I can’t write one for twice what you charge — let alone have it printed, addressed, and mailed. Flexible — Yes. Thorough — Yes. Prompt — Yes. Complete — Yes. Worth it? — Absolutely.” DRL, Columbus, OH  

“This is probably the best money I’ve ever spent for marketing.” KR, St. Petersburg, FL  

“The thing I have noticed since mailing out the newsletter is that it’s causing my clients to think, ask questions, and discuss items I know are from the text of the newsletter…it is sure ‘planting the seeds’ for future business.” LM, Oakbrook, IL  

“It’s our way to keep in contact with clients…to give them new ideas…remind them we’re here and willing to work with them. It’s a great third–party education tool and gives clients another reason to trust our recommendations. The print newsletter also gives us a reason to call clients: ‘Wanted to see if you saw this article and understood this topic.’ We wouldn’t give it up.” MA‚ Southfield‚ MI  

“As you know, I have been using your newsletter for quite a few years and have never really told you about the success I have had with it. There are dozens of success stories I could tell you that are directly related to mailing out the newsletter on a monthly basis, but I will limit myself to just this month. I had three people call me this month who I met over a year ago and did not convert to clients at that time. I have been sending them a monthly newsletter for a year; and at this time, they are ready to become my clients. Between the three new clients, I brought in almost $2 million in assets and made $25,000 in commissions. That does not include future business I will be doing with them. As far as I am concerned, if you’re serious about your business, you really need to send out a newsletter every month. They really do work!” CR, Long Beach, CA  

What more can we say? If you want to receive the results that our clients have been experiencing with their print newsletters, let’s get started right away! 

And Don't Forget about Our Risk-Free Guarantee!

We’ve told you why print newsletters are more effective than print newsletters. We’ve pointed out the benefits of print newsletters. We’ve shown you how much you can save by using our service versus doing everything yourself. We’ve quoted many marketing experts who also believe that a print newsletter is a great marketing tool. And we’ve even shared testimonials from many of our clients.  

And to top it all off, take a look at our iron-clad, risk-free guarantee:  

Try our print newsletter service for 3 months. If you aren’t completely happy with the service after 3 months, we will refund every penny you spent on the newsletter, no questions asked!

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