Direct mail

You may have heard it loud and clear in recent days that there is no point in sending out direct mail anymore because everything is now online. You may have heard that people don’t like getting direct mail and prefer the convenience of digital marketing. Read More

building your brand

So you had a great idea and you started your own company based on your concept. Or you found something you’re passionate about and now you’re trying to get the word out and show people what has made you so excited. But…no one is really listening. To them, you and your company are just another line on a list of services and products with (hopefully) a handful of stars out of five. You’ve done all the paperwork and you’ve established a storefront or website, but you’re still building your brand. Read More

Client Loyalty

No matter how successful your ad campaign, Groupon deal, or special event was in driving new clients to your company, it doesn’t translate into real growth or profits without returning clients and client loyalty. As much as we’d like to believe that our company is the best out there – and therefore, no one would think to check out the competition – the truth is that most of the time, clients are spoiled for choice. Read More

effective newsletter

Newsletter take a lot of time and effort. Looking for ways to ensure you are writing an effective newsletter? Check out these 15 secrets to writing an effective newsletter: Read More

print vs digital

When thinking about print vs digital forms of marketing, it’s easy to think that everything is going digital and print has fallen by the wayside. When you look around in public (and sometimes at the dinner table!) it seems like all you see are heads tilted down, eyes focused on a phone, tablet, or laptop. While it’s understandable that you might draw the conclusion that digital has simply overtaken paper, the truth is that marketing is most effective when it utilizes both forms, and the use of paper is especially vital. Read More

Bad Reviews

We’ve all been persuaded to avoid a trip to a new restaurant or the purchase of a new product because of bad reviews. In the age of Internet shopping, consumers rely on those who came before to help them not waste their money. When a customer uses a search engine to find directions to a business or restaurant location, the reviews are the most prominent result. Many read restaurant reviews and they affect how we think about that restaurant from then on, despite never having eaten there. This is a huge issue, because, let’s face it; the bad reviews always stand out more than the positive ones. Read More

entertaining newsletter

What does Trader Joe’s have to do with an entertaining newsletter? A lot, it seems. Located in forty-one states and now fifty years old, Trader Joe’s is a grocery store that inspires the kind of cult following typically reserved for Joss Whedon television shows and celebrity Twitter feeds. It’s hard to find a casual TJ shopper: they passionately love the brand. Read More

thought leader

A thought leader drives new ideas and innovation in their respective field. Through their education and experience, they becomes experts in their industry and use this to help others gain insight. Becoming a thought leader doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a lot of dedicated work, but it is an effective strategy to objectively bring customers to your business. Read More

Building Client Trust

A successful business is built on one of the simplest of business concepts: trust. If your clients trust you they will most likely be clients for life. The handshake used to be the backbone of building client trust and relationships, and in some businesses, it still is. With the expansion of technology, however, many businesses no longer have much or any face-to-face interactions with their clients. Read More