Newsletter Pricing

Considering the huge number of services we offer, we’re sure you’ll be impressed with our newsletter pricing. And don’t forget our iron-clad, risk-free guarantee: Try our newsletter service for 3 months. If you’re not totally satisfied at the end of that time, just let us know. We will refund every penny you spent on the newsletter, including printing and postage costs, no questions asked. With that kind of risk-free guarantee, you have nothing to lose by trying our incredible monthly newsletter.


$249 per month

Our newsletter pricing of just $249 per month includes these incredible services:

A selection of articles: For the articles in your newsletter‚ we’ll e-mail you a selection of articles to choose from each month. Articles like life improvement themes on family‚ relationships‚ money and savings‚ health‚ home decorating/improvement‚ work/live balance‚ etc. Or business articles on topics like marketing, social media, finances, and sales strategies. We also include humor‚ quotes‚ recipes‚ and feel–good stories. In other words‚ a range of articles that your customers and prospects will love to read‚ making them eager to receive your newsletter every month.

A newsletter design specifically for you: We’ll take your logo‚ contact information‚ and even photos you want to include to create a unique newsletter design. The design will blend in with your other marketing materials‚ so your brand stays intact. And the best part: There is no additional charge or set–up fee for this service!

Custom layout of your newsletter: Every month‚ we’ll combine your article choices into your newsletter design. Other newsletter publishers expect you to play around with their Word document. You have to figure out by yourself how to incorporate your contact information‚ change articles and graphics‚ and convert it to a PDF file. At Newsletter Concepts‚ we do all of that work for you. We don’t expect you to become a professional designer. After we proofread it‚ we’ll send it to you for final edits and changes.

A print–ready PDF: Once you have approved everything and are totally delighted with your newsletter‚ we will email you a PDF file. You can use the PDF file for printing‚ e-mailing to clients‚ or posting on your website. You can print the newsletter on your office printer‚ send it to a local printer‚ or have us do the printing for you. We have been printing newsletters for 30 years and can print your newsletter for a very reasonable price (see below for newsletter pricing details).

Month–to–month service convenience: Your subscription is a month–to–month service with absolutely no long–term contracts required. We will charge your credit card $249 on the 10th of every month. If for any reason you want to cancel‚ just let us know by the 15th of the preceding month. We will cancel your subscription‚ no questions asked.

$50 each time used

Custom–written lead article: For just $50, we interview you via telephone and then write a custom lead article. This is where you can showcase new products‚ services‚ employee spotlights‚ plans for expansion‚ positive news‚ insider tips‚ customer success stories‚ Q&As‚ personal stories‚ etc. It’s all up to you. And the best part is our professional writers will do all of the writing for you. Want to include more information about your business in the newsletter? No problem. You can replace any of the articles with your own content. We strongly suggest including a “Thoughts from the Owner” article on the front page and a sales promotion on the back page. The best part about this? You only pay the $50 when you use this feature. If you want to do it every other month, you only pay every other month. It’s your choice, although we strongly recommend that you take advantage of this offer.


50 to 500 copies are 65 cents each
501 to 2000 copies are 50 cents each
2001 copies and over are 40 cents each

The printing prices include full–color printing on 70# uncoated text stock‚ folded to your specifications. We can ship all copies to you for a flat $15 shipping charge‚ mail all of the newsletters for you (see newsletter pricing below)‚ or mail some and ship the rest to you. It’s your choice.


50 cents each via first class mail

The mailing charge assumes that the newsletter will be mailed as a self–mailer. Your newsletter will be tabbed in three places‚ name and addresses will be inkjet printed on the newsletter‚ and the newsletter will be mailed via first class mail (postage is included in this price).

Want to mail your newsletter in a color envelope? We can do that too‚ for an additional 15 cents per copy charge.

Any questions? Feel free to give us a call at 1–800–338–4329‚ email us at‚ or chat with us online. (Chat is featured in the bottom right corner of all our web pages.)